Talking Up My Town

Talking Up My Town

Anthony D’Argenzio founded Zio & Sons in 2009, a creative firm and visual lifestyle brand based in New York City and Hudson. With an eye for finely tuned curation and a devotion to texture and craftsmanship, D’Argenzio’s hallmark aesthetic has been sought-after by brands like Anthropologie, Calvin Klein Home and West Elm. This Old Hudson, his newest venture, is part photo studio, part creative studio and part weekend escape - an old craftsman-style residence showcasing vintage design with a modern twist. In 2019, D’Argenzio plans to launch long term rentals: This Old Hudson Residences. Here’s a snapshot of his typical week in Hudson - think of it as insider’s guide.


Monday was my catch up day - as it usually is - where I answered emails and set my schedule for the week.


Tuesday was a slow day in town, so I savored the calmness. I spent the day working on creative pursuits and visioning. 


Wednesday | 7:30am: I start my morning at Supernatural Coffee Bar on Warren Street. I order an oat milk cortado and indulge in The Morning Glory, a hearty muffin of seeds and grains, before heading back to my home office to catch up on emails and edit photos for a few hours.

12:30pm: I’ve been in front of my computer for a while and it’s time for a break. I take my long-haired dachshund, Sabra, out for a walk before heading to Grazin’ Diner for lunch. Grazin’ is a retro spot serving locally sourced ingredients like my favorite burger, the “Uncle Dude.” It’s a mouthful, with house-made chipotle mayo, organic cheese, bacon, carrots, jalapeno relish and fresh greens. It really hits the spot.

1:30pm: Post lunch, I head to This Old Hudson, our rental property just off the main strip in town. I have some prep to do in the space before a photo team comes in for a shoot, so I spend a few hours organizing - swapping out props and art to get the space ready. 

4pm: I have a meeting with a contractor at our new property: This Old Hudson Residences. We discuss some of the finishing work that needs to be completed (like finalizing lighting in one of the bathrooms) and I also decide on some decorative treatments for the windows. 

6pm: I meet some friends for happy hour. We try the new Dim Sum menu at Backbar, a Malaysian spot located in the back of an antique shop. What follows is a delicious cascade of chicken dumplings, wontons, shrimp shumai, salt and pepper broccoli. I head home, pleasantly full, and enjoy a glass of wine with my wife Hillary before heading off to bed early. 


Thursday | 6am: I board a 6:17am Amtrak train that arrives to Penn Station promptly at 8:20am.  Because I have a busy morning full of meetings, I rush to the subway so I can make it down to SoHo in time.

12pm: I meet an old friend for a lunch date at La Mercerie Cafe inside the The Guild by Roman & Williams. The space is a dream and I always seem to find inspiration when I walk in there. I attend another quick meeting before heading back to Hudson on the 3pm train. I snag a window seat on the river side (that’s the left side for all my fellow travelers), answer emails, and edit a few photos I took in the city that day.

5pm: Now that I’m back in town, I walk to Wm. Farmer & Sons
(a hotel and bar) for a much needed martini. I like mine dry and slightly dirty, with Hendricks gin. When I arrive home, Hillary is roasting a chicken with seasonal vegetables and listening to jazz—
a perfect combo.

10pm: Lights out!  I’m off to bed early. 


Friday | 7am: I make a pot of coffee at home and start work early, following up on some emails and editing photos in my home office. 

10am: I’m on the hunt for vintage lighting and props for an upcoming photoshoot, so I make my way to The Antique Warehouse and spend a few hours visiting my favorite booths before finding a lamp, a vintage oil painting, and some old iron hardware. The best vintage and antique pieces can be found here with just a little digging. 

1pm: I’m craving The Cascades for lunch. This long-running deli, espresso bar and cafe, is my go-to for a quick, delicious salad or sandwich during the week. I order the mandarin chicken salad but swap out the chicken for tuna. I know what I like! I then make a quick stop at Red Chair, an antique shop on Warren, for a few ceramic vessels. I score the most beautiful french ceramics plus a vintage cutting board, which is the perfect addition for my shoot next week with one of my retail clients. 

3pm: Now back at This Old Hudson, I put a few last minute touches on our rental units before the weekend guests arrive. I write a note and leave a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and a bag of kettle corn as a welcome gift.

8pm: After a relaxing dinner at home, a few friends come over for cocktails before we’re off to The Half Moon, a retro-chic bar and one of our local favorites. We dance the night away - the DJ is on point. 


Saturday | 9am: My morning is slow. I have coffee and then hit up the Hudson Farmers’ Market. 

12pm: I go to a photoshoot (a feature for the winter issue of The Magazine Antiques) at the historic Dr. Oliver Bronson House where I serve on the board of Historic Hudson, an organization celebrating the history, architecture, landscape and culture of Hudson. 


Sunday | 1pm: Sundays for me are always about relaxing and having fun. With this in mind, Hillary and I visit the Olana State Historic Site, a historic house museum and property that belonged to Frederic Edwin Church, one of the most prominent painters in the Hudson River School of landscape painting. As always, my camera is never far behind.



Edited by Alyssa D. Benjamin | Photography by Zio & Sons

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